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ARKEN Museum, Denmark (3 September 2016- 15 January 2017)

Trapholt Museum of Modern Art and Design, Kolding (August 20 2015 – April 3 2016)

Det Nationalhistoriske Museum, Hillerød (January 29 – April 6 2016)

Bornholms Kunstmuseum, Gundhjem (April 26 – July 26 2015)






Martin Bigum The Great Divide Oil on canvas

 ARKEN Museum, Denmark

Martin Bigum invites you into his universe, into the very core of his creative process.

3 September 2016- 15 January 2017

Dear Visitor to ARKEN,
I grew up not far away from here, at Brøndby Strand. We lived in a small detached house facing Køge Bay where the sudden construction of high-rise blocks of flats on the horizon changed my life for better or for worse – and my view of what is possible in the adult world. I decided to dedicate my life to something pointing in precisely the opposite direction of grey concrete.This exhibition is about the art that was to be found – and not found – south of Copenhagen in the 1970s. And what helped develop the artistic awareness that has been with me since childhood. So the exhibition starts with some memories from my childhood and youth that inspired me – or the opposite.The exhibition has lots of my own works from when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and onwards. Some of them have never been exhibited in Denmark before, and are being brought in from international collections. The exhibition – literally – flows into my new series of paintings Havet (‘The Sea’).

An underlying theme in the exhibition is an investigation of the concept of inspiration. I can only speak for myself, but I know inspiration exists for me. I’ve always felt the phenomenon very strongly, as a transformative state.Inspiration is a rush I can’t ignore or stop, because it disturbs the state of things. A force – my signal that something is developing into something I couldn’t foresee, and where I play a crucial role in its coming into being.For me an artwork is nothing without inspiration – and nothing without the viewer. It is in the mind of the viewer that my work becomes complete.

Best regards,
Martin Bigum

SOURCE: http://uk.arken.dk/exhibition/coming-up-martin-bigum/

Bonte Foundation Martin Bigum painting featured in international exhibitions
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