Once again, Marina Coanda Bundac, Deputy Director of Bonte Foundation, leaded the IWA Charity Christmas Bazaar, a unique multicultural event in Romania. Every year, around 40 countries unite in the spirit of giving to help disadvantaged Romanians. The Bazaar is supported by diplomatic missions, the international community, volunteers and business partners. Countries showcase their cultures through traditional food, handicrafts and entertainment.



Together with the Honorary Chair, Mrs. Merica Vidiš, spouse of the Croatian Ambassador and Terry O’Donnell Parsons IWA President, Marina Coanda Bundac ensured the overall planning of a successful event in her capacity of Bazaar Chairperson.

The crafts and wine donated by the Bonte Foundation were greatly appreciated by the international community who passed the Portuguese stand.

All proceeds went to local charities.


IWA Charity Christmas Bazaar 2016
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