20160312_103639„This catalogue marks one of the first steps within a large project to which Bonte Foundation is definitely committed. Art, the certitude of the beauty created by humans, shall always be one of the lights of my soul.

I am happy to express my grateful acknowledgements and consideration to Mrs. Maria Matache, author of the text of this catalogue, who, with extreme dedication, produced a competent biographic analysis of the authors. At the same time, she offered, from the perspective of the commented artworks, generous perceptions in the understanding of the creation of the artists within my collection. Along the years, she has encouraged my initiatives in this field, showing to me several opportunities on the art market.

It was a chance for me to meet Mr Robert Bogdan, a refined connoisseur of art and a dedicated art collector, with definite instinct and impressive experience, who counselled me with professionalism and proved to be a real help in the decisions I had to take with regard to the configuration and positioning of my collection. Due to his support I was often able to make the right choice in my acquisitions, and avoid the indecisions I was often confronted with. I have enjoyed his unconditioned friendship and I thankfully appreciate his guiding effort.”


Angheluţă Octavian/ Avachian Hrandt/ Bălţatu Adam/ Berea Dimitrie/ Biju A. Leon/ Catargi George/ Cheller Jean/ Ciucurencu Alexandru/ Dărăscu Nicolae/ DemetriadeBălăcescu Lucia/ Dimitrescu Ştefan/ Eleutheriade  Micaela/ Ghiaţă  Dumitru/ Grigorescu Nicolae/ Isachie Constantin/ Iser Iosif/ Lăzărescu Emilian/ Loghi Kimon/ Lucasievici Letiţia Maniu  Rodica Mircescu  Gore/ Mützner Samuel / Pallady Theodor/ Petraşcu Gheorghe/ Popescu Ştefan/ Popescu Vasile/ Rădulescu Magdalena/ Ressu Camil/ SchweitzerCumpăna  Rudolf/ Strâmbu  Ipolit/ Şirato  Francisc/ TheodorescuSion Ion/ Tonitza N. Nicolae/ Vermont Nicolae/ Verona Arthur

Catalog Alain Bonte
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